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Prime Assets, INC Holding Company is a privately held,  that owns and manages 3 company portfolios. Founded in 2014 by Erik Anderson has a track record of 3 acquisitions, $1.4 million in transactions and its team has grown to over 25 people. With ventures into technologies services to include, “SDN, Cloud Services, Recruitment, Development”. Prime is well diverse into many different fields such as “Technology / Crypto Currency / EDM “.


Technology Services

Stark Technologies, LLC. is an technologies company that does bleeding edge services such as cloud services, SDN, Data Center, Networking, Development and automation. The company located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Electronic Dance Music (Promotion, Media)

EDM Media & promotion in Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, GA; and soon to open in Las Vegas, NV, Prime Studios, LLC and its sister company, RavesRus, LLC. Click here for more information about Prime Studios, LLC.

Crypto Mining

Crypto Technology

Crypto Tech Divsision, LLC provides comprehensive blockchain solutions for all types of universal and electronic, asset services, and its mining equipment. Also adopting BitCoin (BTC)  Ethereum(ETH).

IT  Services

IT Services covers operations that utilize information technology to improve organizational efficiency. These services include call centers, medical transcription, medical billing and coding, back office operations, revenue claims processing, legal databases, content development, payrolls, logistics management, HR services, and web services. We combine the best of technology and talent to address back office requirements of organizations around the world.

Our Consulting Services division delivers bleeding edge technology services. To Include but not limited to the following: SDN, cloud Services, networking, development, automation, web design, application development, IOS, Android, Web apps.

Our Development Services division delivers a team of brillant programmers to help your business succeed with anything you can think of we can solve. Even if you are not sure what could make your company more efficient we can help you with that as well.


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